Publications, website copy, newsletters, marketing materials, presentations, corporate communications, reports, news releases, advertising…if it has words, I can help you make the best of them.

Here’s a list of services I can provide:


Editing is more than checking the finicky details, such as grammar, spelling and punctuation; it’s making sure your writing is clear and effective. Not only will my keen editing eye ensure your prose is free of errors, but that your message is delivered to your readers in the best manner, and with the best words, possible.

Substantive or structural editing involves clarifying and/or reorganizing an entire document for clarity, content and structure. This type of editing is the most involved.

Stylistic or line editing is a detailed, line-by-line edit to clarify meaning, eliminate jargon and polish the language. It is more in-depth than copy editing as it involves inserting and deleting text for flow, changing the order of sentences and paragraphs, and reviewing content and tone.

Copy editing involves correcting grammar, punctuation, style and spelling (Canadian, British or American), as well as looking for errors, inconsistencies and repetition.

Editing process: Documents submitted in Word are the easiest to work with as I can do my edits using tracked changes. This allows you to see my edits as well as any questions or comments I may have about the text itself.

If you have an in-house style guide, I’ll incorporate its usage into the editing process. And if you don`t have one, I can help you develop your own.


The last stage of the editing process, proofreading is a close-up, line-by-line reading of text, often in layout, to catch any errors on the final document before it goes to publication, whether online or in print.

Proofreading process: Before your document goes to print (or wherever its final resting place will be), it’s important that it undergoes a thorough proofread. This is your last chance to ensure that mistakes like “rack of lamp” are caught before it’s too late. Proofreading can be done either on a hard copy using traditional proofreader marks or on a PDF using the functionality of Adobe Acrobat.


Unclear ideas, poor grammar and misspellings can damage your professional image. If writing isn’t your strong suit, I can help you take even the most complex idea and distill it into succinct, readable and compelling text.


Does your English document need to be translated into another language? No problem. I can provide French, Spanish and/or Portuguese translations that are a direct reflection of the source language in content, style and tone.


Rates vary depending on the job’s complexity. Please contact me to discuss your project.